What is the location of the hamstring muscle?

Casey, age 21, is the quarterback for a college football team. While passing the football to one of his teammates, he was tackled. After the tackle, he could not stand up. He sustained a couple of leg injuries including a fracture to his femur and strain to his hamstring muscle.

1. Describe a compound fracture. Discuss if it is likely that this is the type of fracture he sustained.

2. Defend your position on whether the femur should be immobilized before transporting Casey to the hospital. Be sure to provide details that support your position.

3. What is his level of risk for developing osteomyelitis?

4. What is the location of the hamstring muscle? What is the function of this muscle?

5. What resources did you use to reach the conclusions for each of these questions?

Overall word count should not exceed 550 words. 

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