The Surprising Workforce Crisis of 2030

Please write three paragraphs of analysis, in the following format: Paragraph 1: Because this Ted Talk has a date of 2014, find confirmatory evidence that what Mr. Strack mentioned (be it a fact, prediction, or proposed solution) still holds true. Be sure to use APA citations. Paragraph 2: Find evidence that suggest that something he said (either a fact, prediction, or solution) is not the same as when he stated it, or a prediction that is not coming into reality, or a solution that does not seem logical or wise. Be sure to use APA citations. Paragraph 3: What is your overall impression of this YouTube? You are free to have any opinion that you please; simply be sure to support your impression with rationale. For instance you could start a sentence with: “I think that … because …” The “why” is very important. Remember to pay attention to grammar, spelling, and APA format for citations.

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