Industry and Competition Analysis

1. Industry and Competition Analysis To provide a foundation for your analysis, start with a survey of the industry. Who are your client’s main competitors? What are your client’s strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition, and what are the threats and opportunities for your client? When assessing your client’s competitive position, you may find this short guide and this 5-min video on SWOT analysis helpful. 2. New Market Selection and Analysis. (I chose China) Based on your analysis of the client and competition, identify the most promising new market for your client. Where would the product be in most demand (where do the people who want and can afford the product life)? Please first consider the market characteristics that are essential to the success of the product in the market, such as the geography, shipping cost, cultural, economic, and political factors, trade regulations, certification requirements, etc. Based on a comparison of the countries that fit your criteria, select one most promising market that you believe has the greatest potential. Please note, the market is usually a country, but it can be a region or a country, or a multi-country region. Conduct an analysis of the market in terms of: • Key competitors in the proposed market, their strengths and weaknesses, their pricing and promotion strategies, etc. • Provide an in-depth analysis of the market in terms of factors relevant to the success of your client in the market; provide all the information about the proposed market that your client needs to know to successfully operate there, including: o Cultural, legal, political, and economic factors that your client must understand to ensure the success in that market; o Consumer tastes and preferences with respect to your client’s product.

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