Healthy Eating

Here is the week 1 forum reply. 450 words, minimum of 2 scientific references. APA format.
This week, you will be introduced to different socio-behavioral theories of change. Please select 2-3 theories, compare and contrast based on each theory’s relevance to a specific public health topic of your choice, pick the best theory and provide your rationale for selection.
For example, you can select healthy eating as a public health topic. Of the theories discussed this week, which 2-3 are most applicable to promoting healthy eating? Of these theories, which would you select as the most appropriate and why?
Topic: Healthy Eating
Theories to compare: Health Belief Model, Transtheoretical Model, Theory of Planned Behavior
Selected theory: Health Belief Model
Rationale/Why: [Evidence from scholarly literature]
Please write about healthy eating.
Forum Reply 1 – 200 words – at least 1 academic source

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