Daily Life in the Stone Age

Popular culture typically depicts Food Foragers (often called Hunter-Gatherers) as living in constant fear of starvation or wild animals.  It can portray them as uncivilized people who are often at war with each other over resources.  Dr. Harari’s video, as well as most of the archaeological record, contradicts these characteristics in favor or a portrait of life as Food Foragers that is quite good.  One anthropologist even referred to Food Foragers as “The Original Affluent Society” (Marshall Sahlins).

For this post, list as many examples as you find in the video where Dr. Harari argues that daily life among Food Foragers was as good as, or better than, that of most people who come afterward (Food Producers)–even most people today.  Make sure to:

  • Number your examples
  • Explain the examples in a sentence or two.

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